Simon Lathrop and Hannah Davis

Family of Ontario, Wayne, New York

Descendant's of "The Rev. John Lothrop"
who came toAmerica in 1634.

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This Website is based on the research of Jess Lathrop
who was born at Darwin, Clark County, Illinois.

Jess Lathrop

Simon Lathrop and Hannah Davis

. Simon Lathrop (Meletiah8, Hope7, Joseph6, Rev John5, Thomas4, Robert3, John2, Robert1) ) was born Jan 1743/44 in Tolland,Co.CT, and died Dec 27, 1820 in Ontario,Co.NY. He married Hannah Davis. She was born Feb 24, 1746/47, and died Aug 27, 1823. Simon is the son of Meletiah Lathrop and Mercy Hatch..

Children of Simon Lathrop and Hannah Davis are:

      1. Issac Lathrop, born Apr 1766 in New Canaan,NY; died 1853 in Clark Co.,IL.

      2. Solomon Lathrop, born 1768; died Unknown. He married Clarissa Dunwell.

      3. Deborah Lathrop, born 1770; died 1817. She married Daniel Mason.

      4. Phebe Lathrop, born 1773; died Unknown. She married Reubin Davis.

      5. Philander Lathrop, born Sep 1775; died Nov 20, 1842. He married Elizabeth Mason 1798.

      6. Armon Lathrop, born 1777; died Unknown. He married Thirza Johnson.

      7. Irene Lathrop, born 1782; died 1828. She married William Frost 1814.

      8. Martin Lathrop, born 1780; died 1824. He married Rebecca Wright 1814.

      9. Lorrain Lathrop, born May 25, 1786; died 1854. She married Isaac Fitch.

      10. Colby Lathrop, born 1789; died Unknown. He married Edith Perry 1811.

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