Cynithia Smith (William Ansyln3, Joseph T.2, Unknown1) was born 1892. She married Francis Edward "Frank" Earnest. Cynitha was born in Van Zadt County, Texas and was raised in Howard County, Texas. Cynitha parents are William Ansyln and Millie Williams

Cynthia, son B.W. and
her mother Millie Williams Smith.

Frank Earnest 1952
Photos: Marzelle Earnest

Cynithia Smith and Frank Earnest had the following children:

    1. B. W. Earnest, Deceased.

    2. Pete Earnest, Deceased. Pete and his wife Marzelle lived in Sand Springs, Texas.

    3. Ed Earnest, Deceased.

    4. Margie Earnest, Deceased. She and her husband lived in Monahans, Texas.

    5. Joseph Algie "Red" Earnest, born February 26, 1914 in Big Spring, TX; died November 13, 1997 in Big Spring, TX. Red married Modena Fry "Dena" Burleson August 31, 1935 in Midland, Texas.

Ray Anderson