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Souvenir Stamps from Luxingburg and Germany

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Raymond Anderson served in US Army Engineer Corps bridge construction units. This site contains the photographs he came home with after World War II. Raymond entered the US Army 15 April, 1941 at Ft. Bliss, Texas and received a honorable discharge on 18 September 1945. 

His discharge lists the following theaters; Rhineland, Ardannes, Central Europe, Normandy, Northern France. 

Service outside Continental United States; Canada and Alaska, 14 March, 42 to 28 August, 43; Europe (EAME) 26 April, 44 to unknown. He returned to the United States and discharged through the Separation Station at Ft Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas 18 September, 1945. 

Raymond worked in the motor pool and had the unglamorous task of "military occupational speciality Auto Mech 014", Raymond Anderson was present to see and made contributions to many important historical events. The Alaskan Highway seemed to be the part he was most proud of. 

Raymond was born, raised and made his home in Big Spring, Howard County, Texas. His military training served him well throughout his life. 


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