1966 - 1967
109th, 383rd and 623rd Quartermaster Unit's Officers

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Reading left to right. Bottom Row: Cpt William Myrick 109th, Cpt Charles Ulsh 109th, CW2 William Schoenith 109th, 1st Lt Robert Styles 'CO' 383rd Middle Row: 2nd Lt Thomas Mack 109th,2nd Lt Albert Brown 623rd, 2nd Lt. Andy Torres 109th, Cpt William McDonald 'CO' 623rd, CW2 Ray Ward 109th, LTC Kay L. Wieland 'CO' 278th BN, CW2 Terrell Wallace 109th. Top Row: 1st Lt Mirion Cole 'XO' 383rd, CW4 Ralph Schonert 623rd, CW4 Jake Garrett 623rd, 2nd Lt Joseph Byers 623rd, WO1 Robert Keily 623rd, CW4 James Register 109th, Maj Christopher Crotty 'CO' 109th.