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Nha Trang

The 5th Special Forces riggers, one platoon, was located in NhaTrang. Documentation has been difficult to find for these riggers. It is known they were busy keeping many Special Forces outposts supplied. The 109th was ordered to assist in supplying 5th Special Forces outposts in 1967 and 1968. These 5th Special Forces riggers inspired the movie, "Operation Dumbo Drop".

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    Al Burk served in the 109th Qm Co (AD) at Cam Ranh Bay then he joined the 5th Special Forces at Nha Trang SFOB and then Can Tho C-Team in the middle of the MeKong Delta and the A-Teams along the border with Cambodia. This site includes photos Al Burk took and collected while in Vietnam.

"Operation Dumbo Drop" - Based on True Story