(Riggers in support of Khe Sanh)


1. Action submitted by QMG on 19 June 2002 to:
          a. Senator Warner
          b. Military Awards Branch, DA

2. Action by Senator Warner on August 2, 2002

3. Action by DA informing Senator Warner and QMG that action had been forwarded to Army Unit Awards Board, 21 August 2002

4. Senator Warner informs QMG of DA action to Unit Awards Board, August 29 2002.

5. DA informs Cmdr, US Army Combined Arms Support Cmd. citing lack of sufficient documentation for 383d and 623d, 11 February 2004.

6. QMG response with additional documentation as requested, 14 October 2004

7. DA informs QMG that additional information forwarded to Army Unit Awards Board, 3 December 2004.

8. No further information received as of 31 October 2006 therefore one of the most significant injustices from the Vietnam war still exists even though all the information needed to rectify the injustice has been in DA hands for 2 years.

9. Injustice could be corrected by approving the action or adding the units to the list of units sharing in the PUC for the 834th Air Division or to the task organization in support of the 26th Marines during the period of the PUC for the 26th Marines.

10. Continued inaction by DA on correcting this injustice is not in keeping with the long and honored history of the US Army.