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Every time a image process changes it's medium it looses quality. Most of these movie clips began their lives as 8mm footage, poor quality footage at best. Filming in the 8mm format was the medium of choice for home movie makers in the 1960s. The 8mm films here were converted to an VHS format, then to the digital Real Player Format. Not only was much quality lost but it was necessary to reduce the movie clips to a very small size. Some clips are better than others.
As technology and quality enhancement techniques improve so will the size of the clips.

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Khe Sanh Airdrops
Footage: Al Burk

September 1967 the 109th sent a detachment of men to Da Nang to rig supplies and construction materials for Khe Sanh. The Sea bees were rebuilding the airfield and planes could not land to supply the Marines. Large construction supplies for the runway were delivered by "LAPES". This movie clip is of the rigging area at Da Nang's Air base on the USAF side.
Airdrop test Cam Ranh Bay
Footage: Al Burk

Airdrop Test which was conducted on the mainland across the bay from the 109th Qm Company's area. Two CDS loads were tied together and dropped together. Dated late 1967 or early 1968 Cam Ranh Bay Vietnam.
Christmas 1967 109th Qm Co.
Footage: Ray Anderson

December 25, 1967 Christmas Day at the 109th Quartermaster Company area at Cam Ranh Bay. Don't let any smiling faces fool you. I think it was a very lonely day for everyone. First Sergeant Art Goodrid had invited some of the local village children for Christmas dinner and gifts. No names for the pictured. (Footage Quality Very Poor)
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Footage: Ray Anderson

109th Quartermaster Company Area at Cam Ranh Bay. The area set on "The Hill" that overlooked the 6th Convalescent Center on the beach. Also overlooking the Replacement Center to the West. (Footage Quality Poor)
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Footage: Ray Anderson

The Pontoon Bridge (I hope I spelled it right) was the only way by land into and out of Cam Ranh Bay. The bridge is shown in this clip along with civilian buses on Highway One on the main land across from Cam Ranh Bay. (Footage Quality Poor)
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Footage: Al Burk

"Freedom Bird" A freedom bird was the way home. Every GI in Vietnam knew what a freedom bird was!!!!

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Footage: Ray Anderson

The Public Beach Area at Cam Ranh Bay belong to the public by day and the 109th by night. The 109th extended from the beach to the top of "The Hill". The 6th Convalescent Center beach was attached about 200 yards to the West and the USAF restricted bleach was to the East with the 109th/Public beach sandwiched between them. Some of the 109th's beach bunkers are pictured in this clip. The 109th also had one bunker next to the Sea's edge. The sound of slapping waves on a quite night made it very hard to stay awake at this post. (Footage Quality Poor)

DOD Air Delivery
Demonstration Clips

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Footage: DOD

"CDS" Container Delivery System, the main stay of supplies delivered by parachute in Vietnam. Each bundle weighted approximately 1,000 pounds each.
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Footage: DOD
"LAPES" Low Altitude Extraction System was used for the first time "in combat" at Khe Sanh during the siege from January 20, 1968 to April 1, 1968. LAPES were also used to deliver large supplies to the Sea bee's whom rebuilt the airfield at Khe Sanh in September 1967 before the siege started in January. All Khe Sanh LAPES were rigged by the 109th Qm Co. (AD).


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