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109th Quartermaster Corps Company (Air Delivery)
Cam Ranh Bay, RVN 1970.

The 109th's Mission
The 109th QM Co. (Air Delivery) was the only TOE air delivery company in RVN. Westmoreland related in his memoirs that early on he had requested such a company be centrally located in RVN that could respond to any emergency. The 109th was sent to Vietnam in 1966 and inactivated there in 1972. The 109th QM CO (Air Delivery) unit never came home from Vietnam. There were some AD platoons and the 383rd QM Detachment in Vietnam, but the 109th was the only "AD stand alone Company" ever in Vietnam.

The 109th's missions are well documented. In 1967 the 109th was part of Operation Junction City and it dropped the supplies for Khe Sanh to rebuild it's Air Strip.

In 1968 the 109th rigged for emergency airdrops at Khe Sanh; emergency airdrops throughout Vietnam during the furious fighting of the North's TET '68 offense; completing the year with the Shau Valley Offense airdrops.

In late 1968 and 1969-70 the 109th started rigging the "Daisy Cutter" 15,000 lb bomb to clear LZ's for choppers in the jungle. The Daisy Cutter Bomb rigging continued until the 109th was inactivated. The 109th also supplied the Cambodian Invasion and rigged captured supplies for extraction from Cambodia.

In 1971 the 109th rigged supplies for ARVN invasion into Laos which turned out to be a blood bath for the ARVN troops.

During these years the 109th also supplied many secret and Special Forces isolated outposts with supplies by AD methods.

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On the Cambodian Invasion Mission.