Suggested Reading

Below is a suggested reading list. All the books below are OUT OF PRINT with the exception of ' The Johnson Years', A Vietnam Round Table, Edited by Ted Gittinger. You can find the out of print books in your local library. If they don't have the book you request, they can usually borrow it for you from another library, through a loan agreement which most libraries are part of.

Most of the material written in these books is from a Air Force prospective, and to the best of my knowledge without the author having any input from Army Riggers. Still its quite a array of documentation for such a small group of men in Vietnam.

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© 1993 Board of Regents, University Of Texas


On March 9, 1991, Twenty-two former members of the Johnson Administration , who were either in or near the decision making process in Vietnam, met at the LBJ Johnson Library. This distinguished list included key military leaders as well.
This book was published to record and preserve the unique insights of this distinguished group. The hope of the publishers is the book will fill some of the gaps that remain in unraveling the complex story of the Vietnam War. This book can be purchased from LBJ Library, Austin, TX. 78713-7450, Phone: (512)471-4218

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Office of Air Force History


The United States Air Force In Southeast Asia, By Ray L. Bowers. There are two accounts of this book. One is 'Illustrated' and the other is 'Text'. The text version is the real research tool. It is the only full documentation of the airdrops the Army riggers performed. The book is fair and well balanced. Although the author must have thought that all the 'Rigger Units' in Vietnam were part of the 109th QM Co Command. When reading you need to remember that the 109th was Cam Ranh Bay, and DaNang; The 383rd was Bien Hoa; and the Special Forces riggers were NhaTrang. This book is the only book found that documents the 109th QM Co by name.

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© 1991 by John Prados and Ray W. Stubbe
ISBN 0-395-55003-3


'The Valley Of Decision', The Siege Of Khe Sanh, By: John Prados and Ray Stubbe. Ray Stubbe was a navy chaplain and a participant of the Khe Sanh Siege. Both John and Ray have published several books on Vietnam. Ray is considered to be one of the leading authorities on Khe Sanh. Ray is also founder of Khe Sanh Veterans Inc. There were Army Riggers on the ground in Khe Sanh and unit members are considered to be Khe Sanh Veterans.

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Office of Air Force History
Stock# 008-070-00331-7


'Air Power and The Fight For Khe Sanh' Office of the Air Force History, By: Bernard C. Nalty.

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History and Museums Division, Headquarters, US Marine Corps


'The Battle For Khe Sanh' History and Museums Division, By: Captain Moyers S. Shore II, USMC. The first printing is a collectors item, it has a copy of the Presidential Citation on the back cover.

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7th Air Force,
ISBN 0-923135-13-8


'Khe Sanh', (Operation Niagra), Project CHECO (Contemporary Historical Examination of Current Operations), Prepared by: Mr. Warren A. Trest.

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© 1982 Robert Pisor


'The End Of The Line', The Siege Of Khe Sanh, By: Robert Pisor. Robert Pisor spent 1967 - 1968 in Vietnam as war correspondent for the Detroit News.

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© 1978 by Arno Press Inc.


'Air War - Vietnam', Introduction By Drew Middleton. "Vietnam was the first war fought with the new weapons. No war in the future will be unaffected by its technological and tactical weapons. The reader will find in these pages more than a record of old battles, if perceptive, he will encounter the future", Drew Middleton.

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© 1989 by Eric Hammel
ISBN 0-517-57268-0


'Khe Sanh' Siege in the Clouds', An Oral History, By: Eric Hammel. "The actual voices of the American fighting mrn in this grueling seventy-seven-day siege create a harrowing portrait of tragedy and triumph.", front cover flap.

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© 1979 by Joseph Earl Dabney
ISBN 0-9322998-02-8


'Herk: Hero of the Skies', By: Joseph Earl Dabney, is a celebration of the many accomplishments of the Hercules C-130 and its crews.

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© 1966 by Bernard B. Fall
Library of Congress #66-23242


'Hell In A Very Small Place' The Siege Of Dien Bien Phu, By Bernard B. Fall. A Book about the final battle of the French in Vietnam. Khe Sanh was billed as a possible US Dien Bien Phu for President Johnson which drove many advisors to recommend holding and defending Khe Sanh at any expense. General Westmoreland to the contrary, wanted Khe Sanh for a jumping off place to launch a Offensive into Laos in 1968, which never happened under his command. Dien Bien Phu was studied to prepare tactics for Khe Sanh. Both Dien Bien Phu and Khe Sanh depended on Air Delivery for their main stay of supplies. Neither could have happened without Air Delivery. This book documents the 8081st's contribution to the French riggers in 1954.

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© 1961, 63, 64 by Bernard B. Fall
© 1989 by Dorothy Fall
ISBN 0-8117-1700-3


'Street Without Joy' By Bernard B. Fall. "A poignant angry articulate book on the French debacle in Indochina." Bernard Fall was killed in 1967 when he stepped on a land mine in Vietnam while on patrol with a group of US Marines. One can only ponder what he would have written about the American effort in Vietnam.