Charles Lynn Baney

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Charles Lynn Baney was killed at Khe Sanh in a C-130 doing airdrops.
Photos: Col. Al Lanier and Charles mother Lucy Baney

Charles was a Rigger in the 109th Quartermaster Company (Air Delivery) and was part of a detachment of men at Da Nang supporting the Marines at Khe Sanh at the time of his death.

Charles Baney was inducted as a Distinguished Member of the Regiment of the Quartermaster Corps. Pictured is Charles's mother Mrs. Lucy Baney of Warsaw, Indiana accepting Charles award. Pictured is General Wright, Charles's sister Sandra Johnson, and Charles's Commanding Officer retired Colonel Albert B. Lanier. Photo: CW4 Lowel Hamel

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Those Who were on the C-130 along with Charles Baney:
Air Division 315th, 776 TAS

1. Joseph L Hannah, Capt. -scalp lac.-pilot, collar bone broken and 200 stitches
2. Erle L. Bjorke, Capt.-fatal-co-pilot
3. James R. Hottenroth, fatal, 1st Lt., Navigator
4. Edward Mosley, fatal ,pit Mech.
5. John Snyder, fatal, A2C, Loadmaster
6. Lawrence Berneski,fatal, A1C, Loadmaster
7. Charles Baney,fatal, Sgt, US Army Rigger

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