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Veteran Members of the 109th Quartermaster Company (Air Delivery)
Collection - The Vietnam Archive - Texas Tech University

I'm sure this collection is still open for anyone who wishes to make additions for educators and historians research. If the original document is not available a copy will work  as long as where it came from is well documented. To make a contribution of Vietnam US Army Rigger documents or materials contact Ron Frankum, Archivist, below.

Copies of archived materials can be obtained by contacting 

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Attention: Ron Frankum, Archivist

For The Record:
The Khe Sanh Siege airdrop "rigging missions" were accomplished by the 109th Qm Co (AD) with 1 attached Platoon of the 101st Airborne Riggers at Cam Ranh Bay. A small group of 109th men TDY at Da Nang for rigging and a few 109th men at Khe Sanh to retrieve AD items. ---- The 383rd Qm Det. (Air Supply) with 1 attached Platoon of the 549th Qm CO (AS) and 1 attached Platoon of the 173rd Airborne Riggers at Ben Hoa. This collection has mostly 109th materials but I invite the 383rd, 549th and 101st riggers to add materials for educators and historians.
Vietnam Airdrop History
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